Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A backlog of Trent McCotter's columns

Apparently Trent McCotter's brief stint writing thought-provoking articles about stats and sports for the News & Observer has come to an end. I'm disappointed by this, because I enjoyed each of his columns (not just the two we previously linked to from here). Indeed, I've been asking him every week for the past month whether a new one was coming or not. His columns were concise, and I know Trent well enough to know that he could have found a lot more to write about each topic. I'm certain it can't be an easy task to condense such thoughts into the strictly allotted newspaper space.

Trent's stories that appeared are still online:

How to fix the 'perfect game'

Zimmerman best in state at hitting streaks

'Tiger-proofing' golf courses yields surprises

Time to monkey around with BCS?

Ichiro a version of Wee Willie Keeler

The 'hot hand' in basketball: Does it exist?

Statistics gaffes highlight sports history

When is a conversion worth the risk?



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