Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rebuilding the old site into a blog

With the new college football season almost upon us, I wanted to finally start to clean this site up and see if we can't give it a more uniform look and feel, now that we've switched to a blog format. The blog will have its benefits, including automatically archiving everything and allowing for comments. But converting the old, existing pages is a pain; in particular, there are already figures and tables in those pages that would have to be reformatted for the blog. I would rather use that time to start adding some new content here. So we're going to keep most of the old site as is, at

Apologies to those who click through and find themselves on the old site. The old sidebar now includes a link back to the "RWR Blog" on most pages. If you end up somewhere without this link, please make use of your friendly browser's back button.



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