Sunday, August 9, 2009

Press coverage (college football edition)

We're grateful for the positive attention about the random walker rankings as a means of ranking college football teams. We have particularly enjoyed the diversity of outlets interested in this project, including

ESPN the Magazine (issue dated Nov. 10, 2003),
Nature Science Update (Nov. 14, 2003),
Georgia Tech news releases [long and short] (Nov. 18, 2003),
The Chronicle of Higher Education (issue dated Nov. 28, 2003; subscription required),
CNN Headline News (Dec. 30, 2003),
La Recherche (Jan. 2004, subscription required),
Atlanta Business Chronicle (Jan. 16, 2004),
WGST AM640 (May 20, 2004),
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (May 24, 2004; registration required),
WKY AM930 (May 28, 2004),
American Mathematical Society press release (Aug. 11, 2004),
Science News (week of Sept. 4, 2004),
The Washington Post (Sports columnist Sally Jenkins, Dec. 10, 2005), and
The Mathematical Tourist at MAA Online (Nov. 15, 2007).



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