Sunday, December 6, 2015

Final Regular Season Rankings for 2015

The field is set! After some tight finishes, there were no real upsets yesterday. Later today the CFP committee will announce that the 4 team playoff will include Michigan State, Alabama, Clemson, and Oklahoma. The only suspense will be the seeding and the teams for the other major bowl games. Stanford sealed its Rose Bowl berth but just missed out on a playoff berth as Pac-12 champ. But will they play Iowa or Ohio State? 

Back to the seedings if you look at the figure below, you can see that the rankings for the top 3 change around p=0.75. For p around 0.5, where strength of schedule is more important, Alabama and Michigan State are 1 and 2. However, for p around 1, where win-loss record is more important, Clemson and Alabama are 1 and 2. And in the middle, Michigan State is number 1 and briefly Alabama and Clemson are number 2. Our ranking system agrees that the seeding is not an obvious decision and will depend on what criteria you weight the most.


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